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We are a youth marketing company based in Delhi whose mission is to connect the brands to the youth of the country in the most creative ways possible. As the name suggests, we understand the rhythm of the youth—their trends, their words, and their slangs. Our services include brand activation, performance marketing, and guerrilla marketing among others. Our youth-marketing company has a network of over 1 lakh students from over 100 colleges across India.

Our SEO service, which is considered the best in India, aligns with your brand voice and vision. We ensure that each strategy, tactic, keyword, link, and technical adjustment recommended by us is in sync with your brand.

Why youth marketing?

Every brand that wants itself to matter in the modern world should not leave the youth out of its marketing strategy. The reason behind it is that the youth is a demographic which is well-educated, tech-savvy, and receptive to brand communication. They are the ones who set the trends which the other age-groups follow. If that is not enough, the youth makes up a large chunk of the population of the country.

Our youth marketing company provides brands with the opportunity to directly contact the target audience which increases the probability for word of mouth to spread. Also, it generates excellent scope of going viral and trending on social media.

Why YouthBeat?

Just like people, websites come in all shapes and sizes. They’re of different ages, with different backgrounds, histories, motivations and resources at hand. So when it comes to approaching SEO for a website, a one-size-fits-all approach is not the most effective way to go about it.

We are one of the pioneer youth marketing companies in India. We have been providing exceptional support to clients from diverse industries such as smartphones, FMCG, real estate, IT, education, media, PSUs, and more.

Through our campus ambassador program, we appoint college students as representatives for brands. We carry out a combination of online and offline activities to enhance the perception of the brand within the student community.

The ambassadors promote the brand over social media platforms by uploading content either generated by themselves or provided by the brand. Also, they write blogs, generate listicles, do product reviews, and make infographics, etc, depending upon the requirement of the brand. Besides that, they can also help generate leads for the brands in terms of increasing revenues, expanding the business, and increasing profitability. We handpick every campus ambassador to work with us on this program, making sure that each one of them has the ideal persona according to a specific brand.

Services we offer

Brand activation

This program enables brands to engage directly with the youth through our campus ambassador program and build a loyal brand community around their product or service.

Performance marketing

In this program, we focus on boosting online performance for brands. Here, we create innovative campaigns for increasing Instagram reach, expanding the user base of a mobile app, and building engagement on social media platforms for brands.

Guerrilla marketing

In this program, we strategize specially-tailored campaigns for brands with an aim to take the consumer by surprise, and leave a lasting impression. This snowballs into creating buzz about the brand or product being marketed.


We specialize in organising events where the brand’s values are at the core. Our youth marketing company has organized events in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and many other cities in India. We pride ourselves for our unique approach that has created experiences which are powerful, sensational, and unforgettable.