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PR Overview (Visual - a speakerphone)

Advertising is what you pay for; publicity is what you pray for

We at Sociowash are one of the finest PR Agencies in India, who help our brands cultivate a positive and impactful reputation with various paid or earned communications. We firmly believe that outcome-based corporate perception led PR can lead to build acceptability, saliency and meaningfulness. Our priority lies in a healthy two-way communication which enhances our strategy to make our brands stand above the ordinary and strike a unique chord with the public. We design PR strategies which are multi-faceted, touching various interface points with different media and interactive at the same time to keep the interest and excitement alive in the research industry. Our in-house comprehensive services accentuate our strategies towards our brands ensuring they have a 360 degree coverage in terms of awareness and reputation.

PR Innovative Approach (Visual- A tech bubble)

Innovations in a PR agency is no longer a choice to thrive but a necessity to survive.We aim to utilize the penultimate potential of technology introducing finer public relations tools in our strategies to reach younger target audiences and also introduce unique tools to help our brands be a notch above. Our first and foremost approach towards PR is to adhere to the brand’s needs and present a unique comprehensive strategy which helps the brand gain a credible image and convey its branding in a creative way. We aim to showcase every little event the

brand is a participant or an organizer of. Our PR team is a quirky concoction of content, technology and marketing which makes us the experts of this realm.

PR Services (Visual- A bolt being tightened)

  • Offline Events
  • Press Releases
  • Periodic Newsletters
  • Product Launch Coverages
  • Topical Blogs
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Media Scanning
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Industry Stories - Active and Pro-active
  • Authored Articles - Trends based authored articles
  • Profiling Stories
  • App Review

Impact (Why choose Sociowash) (visual- a magnifying glass on SW logo)

Being one of the leading PR companies in India we ensure that our services bring about a radical change in the brand’s market position. Our strength lies in our diverse in-house team. The team broadly consists of creative, media, strategy and amplification. Be it content, web-designing and development, marketing, ORM, photographer, videographer, editors - you name it, we have it all. With professional experience of 5-15 years, our team excels in Public Relations catering to clients like Belkin, Panasonic, Omaxe and Bytedance